Nicolette Daskalakis

Born in the fog of San Francisco, Nicolette Daskalakis is an award-winning filmmaker, writer, and internationally-exhibited artist.
Her career has been marked by a fluidity between commercial/narrative and fine art/experimental spaces. While studying at the University of Southern California, Nicolette first blended these two worlds by receiving a BA in Film & Television Production at the School of Cinematic Arts and a minor in Intermedia Arts from the Roski School of Art and Design. Simultaneously working on narrative and experimental film projects, Nicolette aimed to create work that had an awareness of, and dialogue with, both commercial and fine art film/photography. 

Her fine art work melts pop, surrealism, and commercialism into a playful and colorful exploration of femininity, western beauty standards, and consumer culture. Nicolette strives to create unique, thought-provoking work that challenges the separation of artistic mediums and embraces the power of visual storytelling, with a particular interest in highlighting female and LGBTQ+ voices.  You can find her (and her work) at or on Instagram @hellonicolette