Kevin Trivedi

Kevin Trivedi continues to make art an important part of his life. His belief is that “Art is echoes from the soul” and his work seeks to be understood as pieces that are grown from both the emotion and analytical minds. His Graduate thesis explored Fauve coloration and the premise that additive color theory allowed for this century old palette to be more acceptable. Trivedi found the formulas of the Fauvists to be perfect for exploring the intellectual aspects and sensitive aspects that he believes we all share.

Trivedi graduated from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco in 2010. He graduated from the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan. In 1993 he moved to California to apprentice with the famed Carmel painter, Roberto Lupetti. Trivedi was encouraged by Lupetti to explore color and keep his brushstroke active.

One of the dominant themes in Trivedi’s work is to find the beauty in everyday locations and reinterpret it through the Fauvist color theory. It is iconizing the normal. Attempting to find the sublime in an expressive way to create unforgettable unique images.

Kevin has exhibited in the Sacramento region since 2005. He currently is a resident artist at the Kennedy Gallery in Sacramento. He began teaching art and graphic design classes in 2010. Currently he teaches at the Art Institute Sacramento and Sierra College in Rocklin, California.

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